“Glass Eyes Staring Yonder”

July 24, 2014

In her series “Glass Eyes Staring Yonder”, photographer Emma Kisiel explores the way in which we interact with animals through their taxidermied versions. Kisiel comments on the practice of taxidermy and the tradition of photographing taxidermy by creating images of her deceased subjects in a way that attempts to visually breath the life back into them that taxidermy was unable to achieve. Kisiel also comments on how the way that we interact with animals is changing, stating “A shift is beginning to take place as young people visiting educational institutions find virtual representations and interactive screens more engaging than traditional displays such as taxidermy and dioramas. The death, despondence, and sense of removal and foreboding in my photographs reflect on these same qualities on the subject of taxidermy's future in a changing world, a world in which what is considered a "real" experience with animals is certainly transforming.”

text by Canbra Hodsdon