Girl on Girl is an experiment aimed at creating an environment for female artists to create, learn and collaborate with one another. The collective began, and is based at Syracuse University, but is spanning across the country to create an atmosphere where women can show their own work, analyze each others work, and get together to make new works through encouragement and support for one another.

The collective was originally created and founded by artists Keaton Fox, Maddie Holloway, and Meg O'Malley, in 2012.

Past work, current work, and collaborations, include photography and video art, amongst other projects combining multiple mediums.

\\The girls highly welcome and encourage submissions!

This upcoming Saturday, March 28th, Girl on Girl will host their second group show entitled #SADGIRLSCLUB. The exhibition will be held in Syracuse, NY at Spark Contemporary Art Space. More information about the event here.

Text by Gabi Pérez

Photographs by Olivia Alonso Gough