Gabriel Orlowski’sAggregate is a collection of images exploring geographies.

“Territories resign to personal topographies,” Orlowski writes about Aggregate. But nothing feels personal about these images: the grainy, vaguely spooky image of a “Hotel Imperial,” a glitchy map of a corner of southern Ireland, or the final image of a strange cone dwelling, to point to a few. The range of image quality and manipulation—be it from flash or photoshop—also make it hard to locate the images chronologically. They seem rather to be specimens from the personal collection of an investigator. They are clues maybe, from another universe that is so near but different from our own.

From his website:
“Territories resign to personal topographies. I roll the dice and move to new field. No one cares where I come from. „I” is the depiction of me. It's my browsing history – trophies I acquire and impressions, that I decide to share. I tag things as my own, coordinates as visited. Each picture I upload to the web indexes its location. Sites become non-sites – they loose their initial meaningfulness to now function only as a collective, abstract concept of themselves. I greedily appropriate one after another, so that my map of experiences grows as thick and dense as possible. And although I never feel home, I wear smooth further roads and crossroads. Transit shapes the routes. Nuances blear, until I walk on even ground.”

- Elicia Epstein