Exploring the Scenery of Life with Liu Chen-Hsiang

June 16, 2017

While serving in Taiwan's military at age 20, Liu Chen-Hsiang was assigned the task of taking care of traffic accidents involving soldiers and civilians. Having first picked up a camera two years prior, the experience had a lasting impact on both his life and photography. Following his military service, Liu worked as a journalist, covering the often violent demonstrations and social unrest of a turbulent nation under martial law.

At one point, the majority of the artist's negatives were damaged in a flood following a typhoon. Water stained and covered in mold, Liu embraced the unexpected effects of the damage and even began experimenting in the darkroom with stains and coloring to alter his photographs. The resulting images gave his work the mysterious aura and distinct style that he has become known for. Hsiang has continued to document political events and gatherings, capturing people, communities and a country constantly in flux.

via invisiblephotographer