Ilegal Mezcal and Rose Bar will unveil their latest exhibition, TRES: A Visual Exploration of Muxes in Juchitán, at Ilegal’s West Village headquarters. The works presented, coinciding with pride weekend, will feature photographs by Lindsey Byrnes, which have been altered by mixed-media artist Lolita Matsui.

The show centers on the region of Juchitán, Mexico, which is the country's last matriarchy and its only region that still acknowledges and celebrates a third gender. Byrnes and Matsui thoroughly explored the region to create this body of work, which celebrates Juchitán's indomitable spirit and beauty. 

Curated by Matthew Green, Creative Director of Rose Bar, and Kaylan Rexer of Ilegal Mezcal, the exhibition is the latest in the Ilegal and Rose Bar presents series. Bringing two New York-based brands together, the partnership looks to give voice and opportunity to emerging artists. “We saw a side of the ‘Art World’ that was really underwhelming and over-privileged and we wanted to showcase artists in a new way and make it not about commission or the popular style. We make it about what’s in front of you,“ said Matthew Green on the partnership.

As creative director of Rose Bar, Matthew sees a unique opportunity in expanding the Rose Bar brand outside of the four walls of Gramercy Park Hotel. “Art is so important and impactful to the brand. If you have ever glanced at the walls of Rose Bar over the past decade you have seen some of the best art there is.“

Focused on a culture that is untouched by social constructs of heteronormativity, Green and Rexer see TRES as part of a larger mission for the series and their respective brands. “The show, I hope, will highlight an amazing story surrounding a group of extraordinary and amazing humans that hasn’t been told in New York City. I believe this story has a special connection to Ilegal and their connection in Qaxaca, Mexico and the unbelievable work they provide in that community. In fact, this exhibition has connected both our brands to reality and the fight for a community that needs support in a major way,“ noted Green.