End Times

May 15, 2014

Standing out as one of her most controversial works, Jill Greenberg’s photographic series “End Times” depicts images of small children in the middle of a crying fit. Taken as headshots, the photographs display the overwhelming raw emotions that often overcome young children. Greenberg assures those who are concerned that the children were not harmed in any way and reminds us how easily a child’s smile can transform into an immense storm of grief. With her signature stylistic use of studio lighting, each child appears to be glowing within the photograph, adding a visual beauty to an otherwise heart wrenching scene. “In many ways, we’ve become desensitized to disturbing images. But the honesty of a child’s feelings is undeniable and it draws you in to the photograph. Perhaps because kids experience the kind of powerful emotions that we, as adults, have suppressed in ourselves,” explains Greenberg.

text by Canbra Hodsdon