The work of Eileen Quinlan

June 10, 2014

Eileen Quinlan uses various household objects, like yoga mats and mirrors, to examine consumer culture and feminism today.  Her works are featured in San Francisco MoMA’s “New Photographers 2013” in which she explains her collection of photographs titled Laura. "In Laura Quinlan construes another gendered form of abstraction, again using the yoga mat as motif. In making this work she experimented with expired black-and-white film that is designed to yield both a Polaroid picture and a viable negative. The film, however, failed to fully develop, creating an accidental double pinnacle form; the artist scanned and colorized the black-and-white film digitally. She titled the work Laura after the character Laura Palmer in David Lynch’s early 1990s television series Twin Peaks," as stated on Moma's website.

text by Anna Capurso