We’ve been obsessing over Shuji Kobayashi’s photography all week — and well, with good reason. The Japanese photographer captures intimate portraits of young women in dream-like surroundings, evoking a sense of nostalgia and a bit of fantasy at best.

His images are saturated in natural light and often include some sort of glass element —adding a touch of depth, beautiful reflections and further softening his subjects.

This aside, Kobayashi’s attention to detail is rather impressive as well — from carefully selected locations to using particular colours and delicate garments, it’s all conducive to creating the sensuous (and incredibly feminine) overtones consistently present in his work.

Kobayashi moved to the U.S when he was younger to pursue a career as a film director but eventually began shooting photographs for fashion and film magazines. After many years of residing in Los Angeles, the photographer is now based in Tokyo.

via iGNANT

- Maria G. Tuckler