"Dennis Hopper: The Lost Album" @ Royal Academy of Arts, London

July 28, 2014

Strapped with a Nikon F, Hollywood rebel and innovative director Dennis Hopper was adamant on documenting his experiences between the years 1961-1967, declaring “the world is on fire with change…”. Hopper used this period to foster his creativity, accruing over 18,000 photographs, including images of the Hell’s Angels, Civil Rights activists and the contemporary icons in art, film and music. Dennis Hopper: The Lost Album, curated by Petra Giloy-Hirtz in co-operation with The Dennis Hopper Art Trust, is currently on display at London’s Royal Academy of Arts. The exhibit features over 400 images that were originally chosen by Hopper himself for his first major show in 1970.

Dennis Hopper: The Lost Album at the Royal Academy of Arts through October 19th, 2014.

Check out a video made to coincide with this exhibition here

text by Algernon Felice Jr