Attuned to moments in the city that many fail to notice, Daniel Arnold documents the personalities who rush, stumble, and idle through every sidewalk, subway, bodega, park, beach, and ferry throughout the five boroughs. From his vantage point-a camera perched on scaffolding in the rain or nestled to his torso amidst a crowd-he creates a time capsule of the city that is simultaneously unsentimental and imbued with sublime oddity.

Arnold's photographs feature a broad cast of characters improbably brought together on the street. People who appear archetypal or stereotypical at first glance are revealed for their idiosyncrasies-exposing the uncanny nature of unassuming subjects. Through his candid lens, metropolitan scenes steeped in cliché are distilled back into the raw, bizarre, humorous, and miraculous.

In Arnold's universe, there is no right moment, wrong moment, or perfect shot; there is only the impulse to load a new roll and take the next picture. His work is sustained by this forward motion. While each image is an index of a particular place and time, the breadth and scope of Arnold's photographs form a composite image of city life today. In New York, Arnold has found an infinite muse.

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