This year we partnered with Vans to bring their "Vision Walk" photography workshops to ComplexCon. Over the two-day event, photographers Daniel Arnold, Ray Barbee, Brock Fetch, and Miranda Barnes brought their own unique styles and backgrounds to the walks, leading participants around the convention and city of Long Beach.


“How could we possibly get anything good out of what we are given?” Daniel Arnold proposed to everyone before heading out on his walk. “How can we not be afraid? How can we do what we need to do to get the pictures we want? If you don’t think about pictures and you just think about that you’ve been given access to this weird new video game level, that you only have for a short time, that you need to take advantage of while you can, and pay attention to how you feel, and pay attention to what’s funny, and pay attention to what’s weird, and what you don't find in your regular life, that, if nothing else, you’re going to have proof of this weird time that we had together that we’ll never have again.” 

See photos from Daniel's walk and read our interview with him here.


In addition to being one of the most iconic skateboarders of his generation, Ray Barbee's multi-instrumentalist music career and photography work has made him one of the most versatile cultural figures in art. "There's a huge sense of accomplishment because you feel you worked hard at something," Ray explained to us about his love of film photography. "Not anybody can come and do this right away. You gotta work at it. There's pride that comes from that, a healthy pride. You're proud of hard work. It's good to be proud of hard work."

See photos from Ray's walk and read our interview with him here.


"I sometimes find that people are shocked when I want to take photos of them," Miranda Barnes revealed to us after her walk. "In that moment it's less about the photo and more about the interaction. You're giving someone a platform, you're giving them a sense of nobility that they deserve and empathy that they've longed for but have never had the chance to have."

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Brock Fetch, whose incredible access with multiple burgeoning hip-hop artists in the early 2010s, including A$AP Rocky, Action Bronson, and Mac Miller has given him a unique vantage point and intimate style of portrait photography, told us, "I understood how important a photo was when I understood how nostalgic it could make me and how it could capture people I loved and that moment was there forever."

See photos from Brock's walk and read our interview with him here.

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