We were intrigued to come across Chrysta Giffen’s photo series, “Curve.” The series displays the curves of the human body, made almost abstract by her photography style. Giffen’s aperture is restricted, her shots excluding faces. Her photos are made up of small segments of a body so that the pieces become objectified, distanced from the model herself.

From Giffen’s bio:
As a sex-positive, bisexual, feminist, woman, my break from a traditional female identity is an integral component of my art practice. It is from this perspective that I construct a more contemporary view of sex, gender, and relationships in art.

Through photography and installation, my work focuses on the dynamic landscape of sexuality and interpersonal relationships, by means of an exploration of the public versus the private in nontraditional families and partnerships.

My work ranges from nude and sexually explicit photographs and self-portraiture to sound, video, and image installations. I consider the nuances of expression and inflection in verbal and nonverbal communication, as well as the effects they have on attitudes, actions, and identities of partners in relationships. Through the public display of private relationships, I advocate discussion about the types of relationships that are valid in contemporary society and, more expansively, about the nature of human sexuality.