"Cruising" by Chad States

April 02, 2014

Chad States has worked in a number of experimental methods within photography, using images from "selection apps" of smart phones in his project titled ‘Trade’, distrusting several images in a fake newspaper titled "‘Everybody Has a Hungry Heart," and an experimental documentary project titled "Cruising." In his book "Cruising," States explores a hidden world of homosexuality, where men who are informed of the phenomenon go to specific locations such as public restrooms, parks, and wooded groves where they inform each other of their existence using certain cues and partake in sexual activity. States focuses on the lush forestry, and the bodies within them; by emphasizing the activity equally with the location where the event occurs States produces a beautifully obscure lush forest of strange desires. We see bodies entangle obscured by lush forestry in a mildly public environment, States conceals the identity through using branches, leaves, and other objects within the natural landscape. 

Text written by Cole Tracy