Conflicts, world events and social issues as seen by Luc Delahaye

May 14, 2014

Luc Delahaye is a widely respected photojournalist most notably known for successfully bridging the gap between documentation and fine art. His images, shot with larger camera formats, have an intense attention to detail. The photographs do not attempt to tell an entire story, instead the image conveys a fragment of a larger story; the photographs become further decontextualized when they are placed in a gallery setting. Delahaye’s images can be far away; in these large photographs he shows the totality of a landscape plagued by war. Other times he is close up, often these images depict people traumatically reacting to war amongst rubble or else dead bodies. He has worked broadly; in the project Wintereisse he travelled on foot throughout Russia for several years to produce an intimate and classic depiction of the country.  

text Cole Tracy