Cole Barash's "6 Girls 6 Cities"

August 20, 2014

With an experimental spirit and uncertain expectations, photographer Cole Barash dreamt up a concept - 6 Girls 6 Cities. He then traveled across the world to Tokyo, Sao Paulo, Moscow, Paris, London and New York where he exposed one roll of film per model to one roll of her city. The subjects were shot independently of each other as double exposures, layered at random during the process. Abstracted and dreamily intertwined, the photographs portray the aura of each girl and city as he experienced them, together but separate.

Barash plans to release the entire body of work this winter as a gallery show. The first printed views of “6G6C” can be seen in issue seven of WhatYouth magazine, a publication which celebrates surfing and life well-lived through a collector’s quarterly, films, interviews, and daily digital pieces.

Cole Barash established his name in the world of photography while working for some of the top creative snowboard and action industry clients like Burton, Adidas, Billabong, and more. He has created a wide spectrum of portraits and editorial photographs and currently lives in Brooklyn.

text by Linnea Stephan