Chris Sembrot's "Urban Surfers"

September 02, 2014

"Motivated by a beautiful woman and with the help of three close friends, I learned to surf so I could one day say, "I surf" says Philadelphia-based photographer Chris Sembrot when speaking on his project Urban Surfers. Shot entirely in natural light at 6:00 A.M, surfers are documented out of the water in the urban environment in a one-block radius from their home. “This project is a portrait series I'm shooting to document city dwellers who make the trek to the nearest shore with each passing swell. It's directly inspired by three friends of mine, Adrian Castillo, Chris "Cakes" Savaiano, and Jim "Hammer" Hammell, who took me under their wings and suffered through the humiliation (that I still bring when I go out with them) of helping a newbie. Their dedication to teaching and insisting I go out with them whenever they go helped me confidently say to that beautiful girl I met for coffee three years ago, "I surf."