Alderaan's beautiful princess Leia has returned to the galactic beyond as stardust, and everyone can feel it. In remembering the lovely and fiery Carrie Fisher, we wanted to share these brilliant photos from a 1983 beach photoshoot that shows the playful side of Star Wars. Rest in Peace, Princess Leia!

 When Carrie Fisher was asked what she thought of rumours that Disney would be retiring ‘slave Leia’ merchandise depicting her in a gold bikini, Carrie Fisher replied: “I think it’s stupid.

“The father who flipped out about it, “What am I going to tell my kid about why she’s in that outfit?” Tell them that a giant slug captured me and forced me to wear that stupid outfit, and then I killed him because I didn’t like it. And then I took it off. Backstage.” she retorted.

A set of photos of the actress goofing around on the beach in the outfit for Rolling Stone were among a host of old school cool photos that resurfaced from the original Star Wars trilogy’s promotional run. Take a moment to really enjoy these images and remember a woman and character who epitomized both beauty and strength. We're gonna need more women like her if we're going to survive in this galaxy.