Caroline Tompkins's “Hey Baby”

December 31, 2015

Photographer Caroline Tompkins focuses on “catcalling” street-harassers in her series Hey Baby

Catcalling has become a growing global problem and if you’re a woman in this day and age, chances are disturbingly high that you’ve experienced it first hand. New York based Tompkins decided to do something about it: she turns her lens on her harassers, confronting them directly by capturing them in their act. It becomes a way for Tompkins to take control of a less than favorable and possibly even dangerous situation. Hey Baby is a necessary body of work – it speaks on the fact that catcalling is an issue that needs to be discussed and that those who partake in the attacks should be shamed. Catcalls are a manifestation of violence against women and if harassment isn’t stopped at the root, at what point do we say enough is enough? Tompkins’ full body of work can be viewed here.

- Jordan Felix