Lucia Fainzilber is a fashion photographer and Art Director from Buenos Aires, Argentina. She has always had a keen interest in fashion, and dressed flamboyantly even as a child. Now the artist uses her images to show the ways we use fashion to convey identity, and the way fabrics can simultaneously cover us and express who we are.

Fainzilber recognizes that sometimes clothing completely hides our identity, and many of her portraits communicate this feeling, as her own identity is entirely concealed, and further obscured by the world around her.

Somewear is a series of self -portraits, which struggle with the idea of identity. Setting her body in front of the camera has been a way for Fainzilber of looking at herself in another way, trying to answer all those questions about who we really are.

“We camouflage as animals do or even soldiers, in order to survive. It’s our way of being inside a system. Its like a game, if it fits, your vision can be deceived creating almost an optical illusion.” —Lucia Fainzilber