The Chico Hot Springs Portfolio Review (and Charcoal Publishing Prize) has announced a call for entries for their annual photo retreat! Forty-five artists / photographers will be selected to spend the week with fifteen artists, curators, and photobook publishers in an environment that fosters community and conversations through portfolio reviews, peer reviews, artist lectures, and panel discussions. Todd Hido, Andrea Modica, Alex Webb, Aperture, Leica, and TBW books are just a few of the names that will be joining the retreat! Check out some of the activities and awards below.

For more information about the portfolio review and retreat, click here!

Each day of the retreat will include breakfast, a morning lecture from one of our speakers, a panel discussion, lunch, daily portfolio reviews, and free time. Each attendee will have ten 20-minute portfolio review with a mix of our speakers and reviewers. Over the course of four days, you will spend time reviewing your work and gaining insight from our featured speakers, reviewers, and Charcoal Book Club staff. During unstructured time (including one entirely free day in the middle of the week), attendees can relax around the lodge and hot springs or explore the surrounding area - bookstores and saloons in Livingston, wildlife in Yellowstone National Park, and the ranchlands of Paradise Valley.

What Selected Artists Receive

One Charcoal Publishing Prize - The Charcoal Publishing Prize will be awarded to one of the selected artists in attendance. This project will be published and distributed worldwide by Charcoal Book Club in 2020.

Three Merit Scholarships - A full tuition scholarship ($3750) to the Chico Portfolio Review event will be awarded to each of the three artists / photographers chosen by the jury based on the quality of their submitted project.

45 Selected Artists - Forty-five artists / photographers will be invited to travel to take part in this juried portfolio review and retreat. These attendees are chosen by our jury based on the merit of their submitted project.

What People are Saying about the Portfolio Review

“It’s an intense experience and there’s a lot of great saturation amongst everyone and it’s quite fun as well! Also in a very curious location.“
-2018 speaker Todd Hido - Artist

“The Chico Hot Springs Review is one of the most refreshing art retreats I’ve ever attended. The whole experience created by Charcoal Book Club is warm, relaxed, and completely revitalizing. I would highly recommend this over many 2-3 days reviews that are more impersonal.”
-2018 speaker Paul Moakley - deputy director of photography, TIME

“I found the intimate confines of Chico Hot Springs (set in arguably one of the most epically beautiful valleys in Montana) to be an ideal setting for a cross-pollination of ideas with professional colleagues and participants. I almost always feel I gain as much from participants, who are current with trends and fresh approaches, as I’m able to impart with them. This was especially true at the portfolio review, as I was introduced to a broad range of aesthetic pursuits and disciplines, much of it meaningful and fascinating.“
-2018 Reviewer Raymond Meeks - Artist

“The people behind Charcoal Book Club have created something rarely seen in the photo industry, an event that can actually impact your career and a gathering of people interested in helping you get paid to do what you love.”
–Tom A. Smith - Director, Leica Akadamie USA

“Chico gave me the opportunity to grow immensely. I was able to learn in a safe environment from peers and professionals alike, while still being incredibly challenged in new areas. It was one of the most pivotal learning opportunities in my career that I still draw from 7 months later."
–2017 Selected Artist Jesse Cornelius

“The way the Charcoal Book Club team are programming educational events for emerging photographers is truly inspiring, and I am waiting for my invitation to the next one!”
–Shannon Ghannam - Global Education Director, Magnum Photos

“As a result of attending the portfolio review my work has been nominated for the Magnum Photos Graduate Award at Photo London. It was a great boost in terms of making contacts and getting the work in front of the right people.”
–James Bannister - 2017 Selected Attendee

“I've attended many photo portfolio reviews over the last 10 years as a reviewer and I can absolutely say this was one of the best experiences I've ever had.”
–Kristen Fortier - Photo Editor, Paypal

“I would say the week was a life-affirming creative retreat. Battery recharging, and put my work in a new perspective to myself. So good to connect with my peers and just like minded photo people, with whom you’d never get to spend very much time with normally because we are too busy. Photo fraternity and sorority. And then to meet such a broad spectrum of fresh talent from all over the globe in one place. I definitely have kept in touch with several and just hired one for a job. Well worth my time coming this year.”
-Greg Garry - Photo Editor Entertainment Weekly

“For me, it's easy to get lost in my own mind being that photography is such an individual pursuit. Events like this that are all about community and sharing ideas are crucial not only to my own personal growth as a photographer, but also for my own sanity. Sharing ideas and work is essential and this event gave me such a spark of inspiration seeing the work of others and talking through ideas with new and old friends.”
-Mike Belleme ,  Photographer