Bringing scale models to life with Felix Hernandez

April 16, 2017

Felix Hernandez is a commercial photographer, designer and digital artist born in Mexico City but currently living in Cancun, Mexico. He produces creative concepts and images for clients from all around the world. In recent years, Hernandez started working with scale models which has become viral and has been shared and published globally. Working in his studio and on location, he mixes camera effects and digital art to accomplish realistic images to bring his scale models to life. In this short video, he demonstrates how he brings his scale models to life for Audi Middle East. He normally works with 1/18 scale models and for the launch of the new Audi Q2 models, he was commissioned to do a series of projects using a 1/43 scale model. This was Hernandez’s first time working with such a small scale model. For this project, he recreated recognizable locations in Dubai with modeling skills to bring the cars to life. You can see other projects from Hernandez here.

- Iqvinder Singh