Brett Henrikson’s “Chaotic Forms”

September 03, 2014

In his series “Chaotic Forms”, Providence, RI based photographer Brett Henrikson experiments with his medium of choice; wet plate collodion glass exposures. Henrikson’s centuries-old process includes covering pieces of glass with a light sensitive emulsion that he later exposes through his large format camera to create his detailed yet organically abstract images. In the series, Henrikson also takes advantage of the ability to modify and rearrange the shapes of the glass that he uses. By combining and physically collaging his glass plates, he creates beautifully symmetric compositions that draw the viewer into his unique visuals. Henrikson explains, “Photography has always been viewed to have rule after rule, chasing, trying to proclaim the medium as art. Collodion is pure, it like having a bon fire and taking the ashes of burned branches and drawing on the sides of a cave. Some might draw running horses or portraits of man. I let the light from the fire guide my sense of mysticism into somewhere new that only exists in the ether, on the shimmering light from my darkroom trays and from behind my eyes. Now when more work is done behind the computer, working with my hands in the dark, I am without rules or limitations, and the medium is free.”

Text by Canbra Hodsdon