Behind the Closed Doors of

March 28, 2014

California based photographer Elizabeth Moran has created a series of images titled “The Armory”where she was given access to The Armory building owned by the pornography company in San Francisco. Moran photographically explored the spaces, props, and remnants of the filmed scenes throughout the building without the presence of people, causing the viewer to imagine what could have gone on in the space with the information that Moran has chosen to display in each photograph. “I am interested in the remnants of a past that remains unseen and possibly unexplained and how a space is made up of layers of time,”explains Moran. She also touches on the supply and demand nature of pornography, emphasizing how the fabricated sexual habits in pornography become the expected norm for real-life sexual habits as a result of the high consumption of the films since their availability on the internet.

text written by Canbra Hodsdon