Sometimes a random image search can bring great surprises, and we loved a chance encounter with the works of early 20th century German photographer, Charlotte Rudolph. The images in particular that caught our eye were the photos of hands influctuating positions and poses. A further search found a series of photos of avant-garde dancers from the 1920s, mostly shot in her Dresden, Germany studio. 

As Wikipedia notes, "Her photos of the avant-garde German dancers of the 1920s and 1930s are among the most important documents in expressive dance today . Unlike other photographers, Charlotte Rudolph did not shoot the dancers in the pose, but in action. Her pictures of the leaps of Gret Palucca contributed significantly to Palucca's international fame in 1924 and at the same time were Charlotte Rudolph's breakthrough. As a result, many women went to their studio because they hoped for Rudolph's jump pictures."