Born and raised in Australia, Ava Nirui is gaining popularity with her Instagram compositions of satirical fashion bootlegs.

With a degree in Media/Arts, she moved to New York in 2011 and began working for Opening Ceremony online, while freelancing for lifestyle publications. After gaining exposure to the industry for many years, Nirui became, "fed up with the formality and clinical nature of fashion, particularly luxury, and my work aims to challenge and softly mock this culture. My first project was creating bootleg, abstract-designer barbies with my friend Alex and from there I became obsessed with creating absurd/unrealistic/imagined "fake" interpretations of popular/familiar branded products."

Ava's concepts and creations are based around the idea of repurposing valueless objects to give them worth. 'I am interested in the notion of material items having multiple meanings and uses — like free branded dust/garment bags that come with purchases can be re-cut into clothing or free ribbon used for luxury packaging can be used as shoelaces.' This sarcastic behavior plays both in Ava's work and her general demeanor as a self-proclaimed troll.

- Samer Khudairi