Anonymization: The Global Proliferation of Urban Sprawl

April 03, 2014

For more than a decade, photographer Robert Harding Pittman has been exploring, examining, and photographing the phenomena of urban sprawl mimicking “L.A. style development”all over the world. This form of mass architecture relates to the construction of freeways, planned communities, shopping malls, and parking lots. “With this anonymous type of development comes the destruction of the environment, and also a loss of culture and roots, as well as alienation. This globalized model of architecture does not respect or adapt itself to the natural or cultural environment onto which it is implanted,”Pittman explains. The project titled “Anonymization: The Global Proliferation of Urban Sprawl”has been published in a photobook by Kehrer Verlag and was nominated for the German Photobook Award (Deutscher Fotobuchpreis).