Annabel Clark Explores the Effects of Military Suicide

March 25, 2014


In November of 2013, photographer Annabel Clark was hired for an assignment by CNN Digital. The multimedia feature, titled “The Uncounted”, explored the effect of military suicides. The feature discussed not only the suicides of military persons, but family members who committed suicide as a result of the death of a related military member. The project is divided into four parts, “The Spouse”, “The Parents”, “The Teenager”, and “The Sibling”. Clark photographed specifically for “The Parents”, where she spent two full days with the Koch family who lost their son in Afghanistan is 2008. Two years after their son’s death, their grief stricken daughter committed suicide. The resulting images show a couple just trying to survive everyday life without being overcome by the overwhelming sorrow that has infested their lives. Small memorials to both of their deceased children seem to be scattered throughout the house showing just how difficult is has been to live with what has happened. 

text written by Canbra Hodsdon