“I began photographing with my 8X10 inch view camera at a horse hospital in the small town of Budrio di Bagnarola in northern Italy. The facility is owned by the prominent veterinary surgeon and artist Fabio Torre and it attracts remarkable and, generally, very valuable horses for a range of procedures. I was immediately drawn to the contrast of these magnificent animals rendered so vulnerable."

"Initially, I focused on the horses in their post-operative recovery rooms: simple padded stalls with overhead windows, which produce lovely, filtered light. The floors are covered with the doctor’s recycled shredded junk mail, medical journals, and art magazines. The stalls are at once theatrical stages and humble boxes. In these photographs, the horses are in a state of post-operative anesthetic sleep. They are recovering from operations that include, among other things, fracture repairs, complicated dental work, and castrations.” —Andrea Modica

The images in this exhibition at Ursinus College's Berman Museum of Art will be featured in her upcoming book, Theatrum Equorum.