An artistic visual representation of scientific ideas

Mar 23, 2017 - May 06, 2017

Just as scientific study is an ongoing venture of discovering, negating and reinventing, the work of Susan Rankaitis is a forever open ended endeavor.

Robert Mann Gallery is currently showcasing new works by Rankaitis in the exhibition Grey Matters. Although her work is continually evolving, Grey Matters is the most recent intersection of the artist’s ongoing exploration of artistic and scientific processes. 

Taking her lead from the innovative László Moholy-Nagy, Rankaitis’s work is rooted in the unconventional. This exhibition is comprised of unique images that meld the histories of experimental photography and abstract painting to create an artistic visual representation of scientific ideas. The work from the Grey Matters series is derived in part from Rankaitis’s most recent fascination with the concept of interoception. This obscure internal sense is in essence a physiological intuition, a process in which the body responds to needs before the deficit is mentally registered. In an effort to illustrate an intangible internal event such as interoception, or even the synapses of neurons, Rankaitis has engaged the use of mixed media to create images that are both cerebral and emotionally evocative. 

Art Historian Barbara Maria Stafford has commented on the field of scientific art as being “the problem of how art makes visible the invisible.” The work of Susan Rankaitis, having been shaped, deconstructed and reformed by years of study in order to depict an unseen function, perfectly captures Stafford’s words. Her synthesis of artistic styles and scientific innovations has driven her both conceptually and technically in the art making process, resulting in works that are as challenging as they are striking.

Susan Rankaitis' Grey Matters is on view at Robert Mann Gallery through May 6, 2017.