Until February 27th, the new body of work by Spanish photographer Alejandra Carles-Tolra titled “The Bears” will be on display at the Chazan Family Gallery at Rhode Island College. The series documents the women of Brown University’s female rugby team. Carles-Tolra’s photographs examine the search for individual and group identity within the physically demanding community of rugby athletes. She explains on her website, “Women who join the sport are commonly pictured to fit a masculine stereotype. But what does it mean to be a rugby girl? Is there such a thing as a rugby girl? Or are they just girls who play rugby? Described as a sport of ‘elegant violence’, rugby has a complex identity that is often simplified. In my photographs, I’m interested in enhancing the dualities that define the sport and the athletes: violence and grace, weakness and strength, masculine and feminine”.

The Chazan Family Gallery
Rhode Island College
600 Mount Pleasant Ave
Providence, Rhode Island 02908


text by Canbra Hodsdon