The fashion world’s renowned photographer Alasdair McLellan discloses an insight into his Yorkshire roots, the inspiration behind his recently released photo book: Ultimate Clothing Company. Featuring soldiers, builders, skaters, boxers and the ordinary boys and men about town, these local figures are an embodiment of youthful promise.

Captured with blue, dewy eyes in the rose tinted skies of Northern England, they are real figures with a story to tell behind cheeky smiles.

The book itself finds its title from a shop in the photographer’s hometown of Doncaster, South Yorkshire where he and friends used to go to buy jeans. Whilst evidently a personal account of McLellan’s own memories of growing up in these settings, the images offer a collective insight into what its like to be a boy growing up in England, a narrative that appears to holds a timeless appeal. 

Text by Maresa Harvey