New Orleans-based photographer, Akasha Rabut, has been tirelessly documenting the unique and vibrant cultures striving in NOLA. Speaking to us about her project Edna Karr, the photographer explains, “I've been working on a photo project in New Orleans for a little over a year about the Edna Karr High School marching band, majorettes and dance team. I recently shot a short essay over the past 2 weeks (Mardi Gras parade season) of practice leading up to Nomtoc (I march with the marching band every year). Nomtoc is an all black parade Krewe that started in 1970. Today there are over 400 black male / female members. This parade takes place on the west bank of New Orleans and is one of the biggest all black parades in the city.” Be sure to check out other projects like her excellent new women motorcycle series on her website.