A look at The New York Times Magazine’s "Photographs" book

April 13, 2014

Although this book was released a few years back, as it stared at us from out shelf, we felt inclined to take you on a preview through its dense pages filled with commissioned work from some of the most celebrated and skilled photographers around. The New York Times Magazine’s Photographs was edited by long-time photo editor Kathy Ryan and is a collection of various contributors photography divided into four sections: reportage, portraiture, style, and conceptual photography, including photo illustration. Also accompanying the photographs are reproduced tear sheets to allow for an examination of sequencing and the interplay between text and image, simultaneously presenting the work while illuminating its distillation to magazine form. Included text offer insightful behind-the-scenes perspective and anecdotes. This is a book that you will continually pick up to view whether based solely on its massive amount of content or when you are seeking for renewed inspiration.

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