Some Crazy Pictures, Saul’s first show at the gallery, comprises a group of new and recent paintings completed over the last few years. Featuring satirical swipes at money and power, violent conflations of popular and art historical imagery, and absurd anthropomorphism, these works take on a characteristically wide range of subjects.

Peter Saul " Extreme distortions of the human (and animal) figure are found throughout, as are the insouciant humor and reckless disregard for good taste that have fueled his work for decades, and that prompted early associations between Saul’s paintings and the work of the Chicago Imagists and Bay Area Funk artists. Such proclivities, as well as his penchant for cartoonish exaggeration and his lurid palette, would seem to situate Saul at the margins of mainstream art world discourse.</p>
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Peter Saul "Some Crazy Pictures"
David Kordansky Gallery
Los Angeles, CA

On view: May 2nd - June 20th, 2015
Opening reception: May 2nd from 6:00 - 8:00pm