Pardee's Picks: The Works of Ricky Watts

October 30, 2012

A few months ago, Ricky Watts' art wowed attendees at San Francisco's Outside Lands Music Festival as one of his most iconic illustrations dangled royally from the 40 foot tall main stage, but the northern California-based illustrator has been consistently sharpening his technical art skills for years. With an early start in print-making and graphic design, and over a decade of influential graffiti murals (and still counting!), Ricky has made a huge splash recently in opposite spectrums with his collection of huge spray-paint canvases containing a myriad of every beautiful color in the rainbow hugging each other so much they are crying, along with his microscopically ultra-detailed pen and ink drawings inspired by old city architecture and wildlife.


In January, 2013 Ricky will be debuting a new solo show at the Zerofriends Gallery in Oakland, and until then, stay tuned to more of his colorful detailed world here:



-Alex Pardee