Alaska is stereotypically known more for its moose, its weather, and its Vice Presidential candidates than for its music or its art. But if you take one look at John Gourley's art, or hear one song from John Gourley's incredible band Portugal. The Man, you'll most likely want to migrate up north into the ice in hopes of absorbing some of the unbridled inspiration that John has that makes his work so original, unique, and (much like the Alaskan weather), refreshing.


 Now based in Portland, OR, John Gourley and Portugal. The Man have made an glacial impact on the music industry that rivals the Titanic iceberg. In 6 years they have released 6 albums and have played almost every major festival around the world (Coachella, Bonaroo, Lollapalooza, etc.). And during their travels, frontman John Gourley started spending his time doodling. Those doodles transcended into meticulous, free-forming colorful drawings that fit their etherial music so well that John began creating exclusive artwork for Portugal.The Man's albums and tours. But it didn't stop there. Almost daily, John is pumping out new artwork on the road and sharing it with their fans, gaining a large following for his art, which, in the least "artsy" way possible, literally makes me feel like I'm floating and falling at the same time when I look at it. —Alex Pardee

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