Uno Moralez is a mystery. No, fuck that, Uno Morlalez is a magician. No, that's not right either. Uno Moralez must be an imposter! There is little public information about artist Uno Moralez. His outdated Livejournal is basically illegible, unless you can read Cyrillic or have a translating robot better than Google, his name apparently isn't even Uno Moralez, and (GASP!) he has no Facebook page.

There have been a few small interviews and articles that I dug up that have been written about Uno but I'm choosing not to believe any of that information anyway because I am convinced that no communicatable human could be responsible for the artwork that Uno stamps his name on.


Instead of believing the "maybe-false" information about "Uno Moralez", I am choosing to imagine that Uno is an old Macintosh computer, possessed by a disgruntled (but creatively talented) spirit who is using the only tool he has in his arsenal to visually communicate to the world to warn us all of the impending apocalypse. That tool? MacPaint.


Using multiple translators, I tried to contact him numerous times through multiple twitter accounts, emails and message boards in hopes of featuring him in the Juxtapoz Halloween issue that is on news stands now, to no avail.

But I am convinced that even if he/she doesn't approve of me spreading the word on Uno's artwork, it needs to be seen.


–Alex Pardee