LA based painter Steven Daily's imagination runs both deep and dark. So dark, in fact, that I have always been pretty convinced that he must have sold his soul to some dark demon from his childhood in exchange for the ability to blend his paint the way he does!

His oil and acrylic paintings all contain enough technical skill to simultaneously  make me get frustrated that I won't ever paint that good, while also inspiring me to squeeze the shit out of a paintbrush and try to paint something even darker.


But the cool thing about Steven's work is that it's not only visual. Steven bases all of his paintings around intricate personal beliefs, conspiracies, childhood memories, and interpretations of old myths, legends, and religious stories. His work has always been open enough for me to create my own interpretations and make up my own stories of the symbolism and iconography, but if you get the chance to talk to Steven about his paintings, or research the same literature that Steven uses in his paintings' creation, a whole new vision of his work is opened.


Steven Daily is currently showcasing a new inspirational body of work, called "Melchizedek" at La Luz de Jesus Gallery in LA. The images from this series are based on supernatural stories from The Book of Enoch, as well as the Old & New Testaments, and how Steven has interpreted his own memories of how he viewed these stories as a child.


Melchizedek is on display now until October 28.

At La Luz de Jesus Gallery

4633 Hollywood Blvd

Los Angeles, CA


And check out more of Steven's work here.