Pardee's Pick: The Art of Ransom & Mitchell

October 14, 2012

Inquiring about just HOW sculptor/production designer Stacey Ransom and portrait photographer Jason Mitchell create the imaginative "surreality" that they do is like asking David Blaine how he pulls autographed money out of his belly button. There's no answer or method that could satisfy the question. If Stacey & Jason responded "Oh it's just some cardboard boxes and smoke", some of the magic may be taken away. On the other hand, if they said "we sold our souls long ago and now we are superhuman", that might be a little frightening (even if it IS more believable) because of the notion that they MAY just be practicing to harness their power via photographs as they silently wait to unleash that power on the planet.


Regardless, what this Bay Area-based dynamic duo creates IS magical. If you are around San Francisco, Stacey & Jason's debut solo show is currently on display at Varnish Fine Art through Oct 27, and the installation of the show is STELLAR! It contains, amongst over 50 portraits of madness, some familiar faces, as myself, Robert Bowen, Scott Musgrove, and Attaboy got to get "shot" in the face by these magicians.


All of which is why it is a complete honor for Ransom and Mitchell to let us debut their newest portrait of one of our (and thousands of other art-fans) favorite artists, Greg "Craola" Simkins, (insert link: http://www.imscared.com/ ) featuring the one and only Isaac Simkins!


Stacey Ransom currently runs the art blog Ransom Notes as well as using her sorcerer hands to build about 6 different universes simultaneously in their studio while Jason Mitchell is currently also building 6 different universes of his own with commercial video and photography...


Check out some of their work at "SMOKE & MIRRORS", their solo show on display now at Varnish Fine Art in SF, or at their website.


–Alex Pardee


Featuring Greg Craola Simkins