Pardee's Picks: The Art of Hill Hudson

September 29, 2012


I was up in Portland a few months ago eating donuts and playing dress up at Upper Playground when I crossed paths with an artist named Hill Hudson who, after talking for a few minutes, handed me a sticker that was cooler than any sticker I had seen since the Zorlac and Santa Cruz skateboard days. When I say cool, however, I mean cool as in "disgusting". And any artist willing to spend the money to make hundreds of stickers featuring the grotesque details of a man ripping his face off is alright in my book.


I got in touch with Hill and asked him for a few words introducing himself and describing his art. Here is what he said:


"I’d like to think that I draw for the pure enjoyment of creating something form nothing, but I’ve been realizing lately that my mark making is the most effective way for me to relax. I draw with a heavily caffeinated crow quill and Higgins ink, mostly black and white. I grew up with comic books and skateboards, like Sin City and Black Hole, pushing on a Powell-Peralta old school. That whole world was so heavily pen and ink, with such powerful details. I would definitely say that I wouldn’t draw they way I do if it wasn’t for those influences in my life."


For more info visit Hill Hudson's


–Alex Pardee