Alex Pardee Studio Visit with Brett Amory

September 20, 2012

If you look up the word "amory" on Urban Dictionary, the number one definition states that "amory" is often used to describe Heaven, especially when used to describe the wonderful beacon of light. Though I doubt that oil painter Brett Amory is aware of this at all, as I stare at some of his ethereal and often eerie urban landscape paintings, the definition seems to fit the bill. Despite depicting famous locales and iconic buildings that will never be fully abandoned, there's a sense of loneliness to a lot of his paintings, both in the architecture and in the figures that adorn them. But in contrast to that lonely feeling, there is LIGHT, and that light seems to give the possibly lonely and ghostly figures that graze across his landscapes such a heroic purpose, even if that purpose is simply WAITING and existing.


Brett Amory has a new solo show opening in San Francisco at Sandra Lee Gallery on October 4th, and he let amazing photographer Shaun Roberts give Juxtapoz a sneak peak at his studio process as he prepares for the show, and check out some more information about this new collection below.


–Alex Pardee




Sandra Lee Gallery

San Francisco, CA

October 4th-31st, 2012


On the heels of a sell-out success at Steve Lazarides’ Outsiders Gallery in April, prolific American artist Brett Amory will debut a solo exhibition at Sandra Lee Gallery on October 4, 2012. Lauded for his groundbreaking examinations human figures and their relation to the urban landscape, Amory will debut new works in Twenty-Four In San Francisco as a continuation of Waiting, the series that has spanned the last decade. Working primarily in oil, Waiting first garnered Amory international acclaim with its haunting and often stark depiction of American culture with a focus on the moments of transition within each composition. Structurally elegant and architecturally precise in execution, this series seek to develop a deeper understanding of personal transition using movement through time and space and a detailed investigation of 24 physical locales.


Twenty-Four In San Francisco, is an ambitious project capturing both the permanent and ephemeral intricacies of 24 chosen locations around the city of San Francisco in California. These locations include such historically significant destinations as the Mitchell Brothers O’Farrell Theatre, one of the country’s oldest and most notorious adult entertainment venues, Portsmouth Square, a Yerba Buena park established in the early 1800s, and the Mission San Francisco de Asis, one of San Francisco’s oldest surviving structures, among 21 other unique locals, each assigned one hour of the day and documented during that time by the artist. With the intention of fully immersing himself in each location depicted in the series, Twenty-Four In San Francisco represents a pivotal moment in Amory’s career as he connects with San Francisco’s urban landscape on a deeper level than ever before.


With the creative process documented by celebrated photographer Shaun Roberts, Amory has commemorated this elaborate endeavor with 12 original oil paintings, accompanied by  photographs, and 24 hours of video media. The works will be on display, along with artifacts found at each location at Sandra Lee Gallery  October 4, 2012. "


To see more of Brett's work, check out his site