Pardee's Pick: The Art of Shawn Pacheco

September 30, 2012

Whenever I rant to people who haven't seen his art, the way I always describe the work of Bay Area illustrator Shawn G. Pacheco (SGP) tends to go something like this: "Imagine if a real cartoon character, like Bugs Bunny, Stimpy, or Finn were inspired by OTHER cartoons and spent their free time drawing fucked up NEW cartoons." I guess I could also say something like "If Beavis & Butthead violently forced a large percentage of the Hanna Barbara roster to take roofies, drink absinthe and then just SEE what happens!"


Regardless of the descriptor, SGP has created his own demented, drippy, and comical world, sprinkled with influences of Basil Wolverton, John K, RK Sloane and every cartoon and cereal from his childhood. And it's such a delicious world.


See more of Shawn's art here


and also gracing anything and everything involving Bay Area Cult band RU36.


–Alex Pardee