After a long talk with Conor Harrington recently, we have become very fascinated with the idea of motion in paintings. When we came across the work of Hong Kong-based Simon Birch recently, we loved the way the artist depicted motion, both in his subjects and also with the surreal elements to his paintings.

A little bio:


Simon Birch is a U.K.-born artist, who is a permanent resident of Hong Kong, China. Although much of his work is and has been large, figurative oil paintings, over the last few years Birch has ventured into film and installation work culminating in some particularly notable large-scale projects: Azhanti High Lightning (2007, Singapore), This Brutal House (April 2008, Hong Kong) and the 20,000sq ft multimedia installation ‘HOPE & GLORY: A Conceptual Circus’ (April 2010, ArtisTree, Hong Kong) which represents a new level of integration of Birch’s conceptual, material and aesthetic concerns. These large multimedia projects included film, paintings, installation, sculpture, and performance housed in specifically configured spaces.