Paintings by Seth Alverson

February 04, 2014

This morning we take a look at the work of Houston-based artist Seth Alverson. Each painting in Seth Alversons most recent body of work 'builds upon the others in an open and uncategorized way. By refusing to lead us in a specific direction, images that initially seem to be homeless remnants of the lives of others, reveal themselves to be much more complex, encompassing all elements of the human condition. These anxiety-ridden works highlight the trail of inquiry, giving them weight and presence.

Using memory and haunting imagery as catalysts for his self-reflexive paintings, Alverson distills the most essential elements until they are heightened to a level of transformation. This transformation occurs through the act of painting by placing intention on the images, and in turn helps us find rationality in futility to apply meaning in our everyday.'

via Art Palace Gallery and ArtNau