Paintings by Ryan McLennan

April 01, 2014

Every animal is at a loss; how is one to known if they are the predator or the prey in the uncertain microcosm presented? In this bizarre world the trees bare few leaves and seem of little importance to anyone besides the occasional moose cleaning the skin from its new antlers. Humans may have inhabited this place at some point, but not anymore. The start landscape is startling and foreboding. Everything left has to fend for itself in a setting where nothing is in abundance but hungry animals, dead trees, and endless metaphors. After all, in this business of uncertainty it's hard to known who is the bear, elk, moose, or fox, and whether or not you're made out of leaves. -Bruce Wilhelm on Ryan McLennan in the October, 2007 issue of Juxtapoz Magazine.

Ryan McLennan was born in Norfolk, Virginia in 1980. In 2002 he received a BFA from the Painting and Printmaking Department of Virginia Commonwealth University. Since then he has exhibited work in Los Angeles, New York, Boston, Denver and Richmond, Virginia. He is a recipient of the 2008/2009 Virginia Museum of Fine Arts Fellowship, Finalist and Grand Prize winner of the 2010 West Prize and finalist in the 2011 semi-annual Dave Bown Projects competition. His work has been featured in the 2008 Mid- Atlantic and 2012 North East issues of New American Paintings magazine. Ryan currently lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.