Paintings by Mernet Larson

October 16, 2012


Mernet Larson's paintings are filled with a diverse array of cues that suggest various past artists from De Chirico to Lissitzky. Her most recent three bodies of work (or "three chapters as the title of her show") focus on heads and bodies, places, and narratives. Her work has no distinct systematic portrayal of space but as Larson describes it, "The characters and objects are geometric solids, their structures and proportions reinvented in tension with the event depicted...I want nonspecific viewpoints, a sense of vertigo, so that you are holding each situation in your mind almost as if you are wearing it." The paintings are surreal and mysterious, making them difficult to pin down, existing in their own reality with references to banal existences of our everyday and realities of several artists past while still maintaining its own integrity as an independent collection of places, people and narratives conceived specifically by the artist herself. Larson's show "Three Chapters" is on view until October 27th at Vogt Gallery in Manhattan, New York.