Paintings by Marion Lane

January 22, 2014

We are enjoying the works of Los Angeles-based artist Marion Lane this morning. 'Though Lane's paintings look something like hybrids between amoeba DNA and corner-shop candies, they contain hints of all the vital ingredients of the city's make-up, from sun and sea to concrete and steel - rendered with such hypnotic appeal that it's hard to look away.'

via Launch LA:

Despite this scenic focus, Lane's paintings are not identifiable as landscapes. She does not concern herself with capturing actual appearances, but rather strives for an impression of exceptional instances of atmosphere, light and texture. Her studio provides abundance: the invading waves of sunshine and light create what Lane calls "a conflation of extreme beauty and slight radioactivity." This quality of "radioactivity" is also evident in her paints, having been rendered either impossibly bright or faded, as if bleached by the sun's heat. This brightness mirrors the optimism and cartoon-like quality of her vision, providing a means of showcasing the best facets of life in metropolitan Los Angeles. Lane's characters are an endless variety of three-dimensional shapes on patterned backgrounds, resembling living organisms and vibrant ecosystems rather than static images. Their vertical stripes, pastel pinks and earthy browns, bubbling purples and icy-blues prove even more immersive than landscapes. They are everything beautiful condensed into an alchemical essence of color and light.