Paintings by Kura Shomali and Steve Bandoma

December 03, 2013

This morning we are enjoying the work of Kura Shomali and Steve Bandoma, two fantastic artists from Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo. 

"Shomali describes his work as a way of 'digesting' the megalopolis of Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo. In his most recent works, the artist appropriates well-known images by African photographers such as Seydou Keita, Samual Fosso, Sammy Baloji, Malick Sidibe and Depara. Shomali combines charcoal, ballpoint pen, gouache, ink, felt, glitter and collage to give these works a unique texture. His works have a sense of urgency, inspired by the chaos of daily life and imagery from the advertising, newspapers and magazines that make up Kinshasa’s street culture."

"Bandoma describes his work as recycling found objects, appropriating imagery from contemporary advertising and magazines, in order 'to breathe new life into them'. In his most recent series, the artist creates imagined portraits of the inhabitants of Congo's sprawling capital Kinshasa. A shape shifting species of genetic mutations, his images are contemporary embodiments of traditional African gods and fetish objects."

Both artists are part of a group show, "Kin-Babi" at Gallery Cecile Fakhoury Abidjan in Côte d’Ivoire running through January 18th, 2014.