Paintings by Cindy Tower

February 06, 2014

Cindy Tower is a contemporary painter that has a unique and exceptionally devout approach to her practice. Among the many impressive and intriguing details from her statement, there is this excerpt:

"Painting methods cannot be separated from the subject matter. Everything gets used and becomes part of the piece. Paintings get rained on, hoisted, buried, driven over, stolen, ripped; sometimes charcoal, blood, grass-stain, iron filaments are incorporated. Sometimes works get hit with paintballs or stuck with an occasional hypodermic needle. The act of painting becomes performance."   Painting from direct observation in relatively high-risk and difficult environments, Tower often brings along a body guard. Obviously not shy of a challenge, Tower enthusiastically tackles her subject matter with a die-hard scrutiny that comes across in her handling of paint that reflects a relentless and disorienting arrangement of detail as well as in the performative nature of seeking out and painting these particularly decrepit and dangerous settings. Here we sample some of her more recent paintings from the last few years, but by all means, do not be afraid to go to her website and look and read more. There's plenty to find interest in.