French artist Zoer is currently having his first solo exhibition in Spain, presenting a new body of work at Bilbao's SC Gallery. Running through June 7th, "La Forme" consists of all new paintings created as experiments with product design form and explorations of altered elements and details.

For this particular body of work, Zoer combined washed out and discolored clothes, papers and fabrics with man-made and industrial elements. Whether using such objects as car doors or airbag as blank canvas, or composing them inside border line abstract creations, Zoer is exploring their contextual nature and the conspicuous nature of product design. Although portraying scenes of chaos, the pictured scenes are paradoxically balanced by the accurate representation of the objects, appearing both as classic still-life or even post-industrial landscape paintings. 

Zoer's imagery is dominated by the portrayal of residue of post-industrial, consumerist society. Using pictorial tradition and classic painterly approach to creating work, his paintings depict manufactured goods, a motif widely present in 20th century art history. Focused on abandoned objects from public space, the works often feature industrial design items and car parts, reflecting a material consequence of living in a modern society with disproportionate needs. By repeatedly dissecting automobiles in his work, Zoer puts a special focus is on automotive industry. As an example of complexity and the progress of 20th century, cars are representing both technological and social changes that occurred during one's lifetime. —Sasha Bogojev